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Safety is our first concern and our top priority on the relay course
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Any individual or team that chooses not to follow our safety rules will be immediately disqualified from the race. The safety of our runners is too important for any error on this topic.

NOTE: It is important to remember that none of the roads will be closed to vehicular traffic during this relay. With that in mind, the following safety rules apply to all participants:

1. Active team vehicles will be required to turn their hazard lights on when pulled over on the course.

2. Alcohol will not be allowed on the course during the relay.

3. All runners will be required to participate in a 10 minute safety course prior to running. This will take place at the Relay Start for runners in Vehicle 1 and at Exchange 6 for runners in Vehicle 2.

4. All runners will be required to run on the shoulder or sidewalk and face oncoming traffic unless otherwise specified (run on same side of the road as the cones).

5. All state and federal traffic laws apply to all runners, drivers and pacers.

6. Any changes to your team after May 24, 2017 will result in a $15 processing fee per change and a 2017 Epic Oregon Relay Runner/Volunteer Substitution Form must be completed for EACH runner/volunteer substitution and handed in at the Relay Start Check In.

7. Between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am all runners will be required to run with a headlamp, a blinking LED light and a reflective vest. During these hours runners will not be allowed to begin their legs without these items.

8. Between the hours of 8 pm and 6 am every participant outside the team vehicle must be wearing a reflective vest except for at a designated exchange.

9. Bicycles are not permitted on the course.

10. Participants must be at least 14 years old on the day of the relay.

11. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign the Relay Participant Waiver

12. Participants will not be allowed to cross a road with more than 2 lanes unless at a designated crosswalk.

13. Pets are not permitted to participate with runners on the course.

14. Present the following at Relay Start Check In:

  • • 2 first aid kits (1 for each vehicle)
  • • Glass chalk to write “CAUTION RUNNER ON ROAD” on team vehicles
  • • 2 Relayology Manuals (1 for each vehicle)
  • • At least 2 reflective vests
  • • At least 2 headlamps
  • • At least 2 red blinking LED lights
  • • Extra batteries
  • • 2016 Epic Oregon Relay Participant Waiver signed by all runners, drivers, pacers and volunteers
  • • 2016 Epic Oregon Relay Team Roster Form

15. Runners may have running pacers during the hours of 8 pm and 6 am but the pacers must be members of a registered relay team OR must sign the Relay Participant Waiver as a pacer. The waiver must be handed in at the Relay Start Check In by the team captain with the runner, driver and volunteer waivers.

16. Runners must always wear their team race number on their front while running.

17. RV’s or motor homes are not permitted at the Exchanges.

18. Sleeping may only take place in team vehicles or at designated sleeping areas (Exchanges 18 and 24).

19. Team vehicles may not pace runners.

20. Team vehicles must seat at least 6 seat belted passengers but no more than 15 and be less than 20′ long.

21. Teams must AVERAGE at least a 10:30/mile pace.

22. Teams must choose one of the volunteer options.

23. Teams must fill out the 2017 Epic Oregon Relay Team Time Record and submit it at the Relay Finish Line to be eligible to win.

24. Teams must keep to the Team Roster Form unless someone gets injured. In the event of an injury or illness a member from that team may step in and run the injured teammates legs. Pacers, drivers or volunteers may not step in to run the injured teammates legs.

25. Teams must run/walk the entire relay course.

26. Teams will only be allowed to aid their runner on the course during legs designated as “Support Legs”.

27. Volunteer options cannot be changed after May 24, 2017.

“Epic Oregon is a perfect-sized relay through the gorgeous Willamette Valley!” -Team Kickin’ Asphalt
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Course Map

2016 Epic Oregon Relay

Leg Details

2016 Epic Oregon Relay Leg Details.pdf

2016 Epic Oregon Relay Leg Details.xlsx

Leg Maps

(including elevation profile, directions and *difficulty)

Non competitive teams can run in any order. Competitive teams must stay in the following running order.

Runner 1 runs legs 113, 25
Runner 2 runs legs 21426
Runner 3 runs legs 31527
Runner 4 runs legs 41628
Runner 5 runs legs 517, 29
Runner 6 runs legs 61830

Runner 7 runs legs 71931
Runner 8 runs legs 8, 2032
Runner 9 runs legs 92133
Runner 10 runs legs 102234
Runner 11 runs legs 11, 2335-Updated 5/30
Runner 12 runs legs 122436-Updated 5/30

LEGS 1-1213-24, 25-36

*The difficulty rankings (mild, moderate, hard and very hard) were calculated based on elevation ascended, elevation descended and leg length.

Runner Breakdown


Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3








12 (least diff.)










































1 (most diff.)

























Course Cutoff Times

  • Exchange 6 – 5:15 PM
  • Exchange 12 – 9:00 PM
  • Exchange 18 – 12:45 AM
  • Exchange 24 – 5:30 AM
  • Exchange 30 – 11:15 AM

Course Breakdown

Big Al’s Fun Center, 14950 SW Barrows Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007

Vehicle Exchanges

1) St Paul, OR — St Paul High School
2) Silverton, OR — Old Silverton High School
3) Scio, OR — Scio High School
4) Corvallis, OR — Corvallis High School
5) Harrisburg, OR — Harrisburg United Methodist Church

Alton Baker Park, 501 Day Island Rd, Eugene, OR 97401

Places of Interest

Showers ($5 per shower as a donation to the school)

Vehicle Exchange 2 (Exchange 12) – Old Silverton High: showers open on Friday, June 17th from 2pm-6pm

Vehicle Exchange 3 (Exchange 18) — Scio High School


Sleeping areas will be zoned off at Vehicle Exchange 3 (Exchange 18) —Scio High School and Vehicle Exchange 4 (Exchange 24) — Corvallis High School and at Vehicle Exchange 5 (Exchange 30) – Harrisburg United Methodist Church. Please note these areas will be outside so we recommend bringing outdoor sleeping gear. Please see Lodging for more info.


  • Fred Meyer, 19200 SW Martinazzi Ave, Tualatin, OR
  • Safeway, 301 Westfield St, Silverton, OR
  • Safeway, 1535 N 1st, Stayton, OR
  • Safeway, 590 NE Circle Blvd, Corvallis, OR
  • Growers Market, 454 Willamette St, Eugene, OR


  • Shell, 16211 Boones Ferry Rd, Lake Oswego, OR
  • Shell, 4650 Howell Prarie Rd NE, Silverton, OR
  • Shell, 1895 Shaff Rd, Stayton, OR
  • Chevron, 330 W 7th Ave, Eugene, OR


Please see Lodging


  • Key Bank, 256 A Ave, Lake Oswego, OR
  • US Bank, 7755 SW Nyberg Rd, Tualatin, OR
  • Wells Fargo, 1535 N 1st Ave, Stayton, OR
  • Umpqua Bank, 415 NW 3rd St, Corvallis, OR
  • Wells Fargo, 99 E Broadway, Eugene, OR


  • Legacy Meridian Park Hospital, 19300 SW 65th Ave, Tualatin, OR
  • Silverton Hospital, 342 Fairview St, Silverton, OR
  • Lebanon Community Hospital, 525 N Santiam Hwy, Lebanon, OR
  • Sacred Heart Medical Center, 1255 Hilyard St, Eugene, OR

"The real purpose of running isn't to win a race; it's to test the limits of the human heart." –Bill Bowerman
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Training Schedules

For novices and veterans of Epic Relays, training for a relay race such as this can be a daunting task. Not only is it tough work, but knowing how much and what kind of runs to do can be tricky due to the unique nature of the race.

On the one hand, each leg is only 3-8 miles in length; therefore you want to try to maintain a fast pace on each leg to help improve your team’s overall time.

On the other hand, having to run these legs 3 or 6 times (depending on whether you are on a regular or ultra team) makes the race much longer and therefore maintaining that fast pace on each leg becomes much more difficult. In other words, running an Epic Relay becomes a combination of a 5K, 10K, half-marathon and for some a marathon or even more, all wrapped in one.

The training programs below seek to provide runners with guidance in order to be prepared for the overall distance of the race while at the same time training to achieve fast times on each individual leg. Good luck and have fun!

Epic Oregon
Beginner Training Schedule
Intermediate Training Schedule
Advanced Training Schedule


“If you’re looking for an awesome relay adventure Epic Oregon is the way to go!” -Team DNR
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Q: How are start times determined and when will they be announced?
A: Start times are determined by each team’s average min/mile pace. Slower teams will start earlier so that everyone finishes within a couple hours of each other. The start times will be determined and announced on Wednesday June 7, 2017.

Q: What are the duties of the team captain?
A: Team captains are like the coach of a team sport (soccer, baseball etc.). They supervise the team to make sure it has everything it needs to be ready for the relay. This does not mean that the individual runners and volunteers don’t have responsibilities. Everyone on the team should pitch in and a good team captain is good at delegating.

Q: What are the duties of the runners on the team that aren’t the team captain?
A: Runners are like the players of a team sport (soccer, baseball etc.). They are assigned a specific running assignment (or position) by the team captain and they pitch in before the relay to help the team captain whenever needed.

Q: What kind of vehicles do our team vehicles need to be?
A: Team vehicles need to seat at least 6 seat belted passengers but no more than 15 (typically vans, minivans, SUV’s or 4 door trucks). RV’s, motor homes or trailers will not be allowed.

Q: What’s the best way to assign runner assignments (who runs what legs)?
A: It’s best to assign runners to their runner assignment based on their ability level and the difficulty of the legs. Information to help make that decision including a course map, leg details, leg maps and a runner breakdown is available on the Course page.

Q: Will there be places to sleep during the relay?
A: Yes, there will be sleeping zones at Vehicle Exchange 3 (Exchange 18) at Scio High School and Vehicle Exchange 4 (Exchange 24) at Corvallis High School. Also see the Travel & Lodging page as a resource.

Q: Will there be places to shower during the relay?
A: Yes, showers will be at offered Vehicle Exchange 3 (Exchange 18), Scio High School. Showers will cost $3 as a donation to each school’s athletic program.

Q: About how much time will we have between running each leg?
A: It really depends on how fast your team is. The faster your team is the less time you’ll have between legs. On average runners have between 7-10 hours between legs.

Q: Do you help find runners to be on teams?
A: Yes, our team matching forum helps connect runners with teams. You can access it directly by clicking Team Matching.

Q: When will volunteer assignments be available to choose from?
A: Volunteer assignments will be available on Friday May 12, 2017 at 8pm.

Q: How do we schedule our volunteers?
A: Click Login on the website and login. Click Schedule Volunteers to view all the volunteer assignments and select to have one, two or all three volunteers at the assignment (for instance if you select one then you need to place the other two somewhere else).

Q: Can volunteer options be changed?
Yes, volunteer options must be changed by logging into your team and changing it by May 24, 2017. *If you switch from Option 1 (providing volunteers) to Option 2 (paying for volunteers) after the deadline (May 24, 2017) the fee will be $375*

Q: When does our online team roster need to be complete (including 10K times)?
A: Team rosters with all runner and volunteer information must be completed by Wednesday May 24, 2017. Changes to the team roster after May 24, 2017 will result in a $15 penalty per change.

Q: Does our entire team need to be at the start?
A: No, only the runners in Vehicle 1 must be at the start to check in your team. The entire team is more than welcome to be at the start though.

Q: What order do ultra teams need to run in?
A: Ultra teams have two running order options. Option 1, runner one runs legs 1, 7, 13, 19, 25 and 31 etc. or option 2, runner one runs legs 1, 2, 13, 14, 25 and 26 etc.

Q: Besides ourselves what do we need to bring to the relay?
A: A checklist can be found on the Captains page.

Q: Are the shirts for runners and volunteers gender specific or unisex?
A: The shirts for runners are gender specific and the shirts for volunteers are unisex.

Q: Do you have a suggested training schedule in order to complete the relay successfully?
A: Yes, the training schedules can be found on the Training page.

Q: Are reflective running vests required for every leg?
A: No, vests aren’t required for every leg although we highly recommend wearing either a vest or bright colors for every leg and some of the day legs will require wearing a vest. Each of the night legs do require a running vest.

Q: Are there dress or language guidelines during the relay?
A: Nudity will not be allowed during the relay and we ask that you refrain from having derogatory or profane language on your clothing and team vehicles. We reserve the right to nicely ask you to put your clothes on if naked or remove anything with derogatory or profane language. If a change isn’t made we will ask you to remove yourself from the event. If the only clothing you have has derogatory or profane language we will really be in a pickle because taking it off would leave you naked. Please help us avoid this situation all together.

“We totally had the time of our lives running Epic Oregon!” -Team Endorphin Junkies
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2017 Epic Oregon Relay Start Times — Coming June 2017

2017 Epic Oregon Relayology Manual — Coming June 2017

*This manual will be updated periodically as we receive details on things like fundraisers, etc. Please refer to the “Last Updated” date on the manual to track edits. Captains will be made aware of important changes.


2017 Epic Oregon Relay Participant Waiver
2017 Epic Oregon Relay Team Roster Form
2017 Epic Oregon Relay Team Time Record Form
2017 Epic Oregon Relay Runner/Volunteer Substitution Form

Find Your Team

If you don’t already know 11 other runners to be on your team try this. Find 2-3 teammates and ask them to find 2-3 also. That might be enough to do it right there. If not, don’t be shy about talking to people about your upcoming Epic adventure and you’ll be surprised what kind of interest it generates. Exhaust all your social circles such as at your work, church, running group, gym, neighbors etc. If that’s still not enough use social media such as Facebook and Twitter or our team matching forum. Remember that any change to your team roster after Wednesday May 24, 2017 will result in a $15 substitution fee per change so be sure to communicate that to your team.

Team Matching

If for whatever reason you just can’t find enough EPIC people to be on your team you can try our team matching forum as a resource.

Register Your Team Online

We sincerely request that you take the online registration process seriously and provide accurate information for all your runners. The contact information for each runner may be used to communicate last minute changes regarding the relay or in the event of an unexpected emergency. We also cannot stress enough how important it is for you to enter absolutely accurate 10K times for all your runners. We use these 10K times to determine when teams will start and finish and where they will be on the course at all times and for safety reasons it’s imperative they’re accurate. All highway patrol, DOT, emergency response and local law enforcement officials use your projected 10K times as well to officiate on the course and provide safety for your runners and their ability to do so will be impaired if your times aren’t accurate.  10K times are due by Wednesday May 24, 2017.


Training schedules and running tips can be found on the Training page. Do your best to motivate your team to train as much as possible. If necessary hold organized team runs or encourage them to keep a running journal or training log. It might also be helpful to hold some friendly competitions based on time or distance and set performance goals for the relay itself. Your team will only run as well as they are prepared to run.

Determine Running Order

Non competitive teams do not need to run in any particular order. Competitive teams must maintain the running order listed on your Team Roster Form (aka Runner Order Form). All runners on your team should provide input on your team’s running order and the order should be based upon the ability of the runners compared to the legs they would run. A 12-runner team follows this order: Runner 1 runs legs 1,13,15 and Runner  2 runs legs 2,14,26 etc. Use the Course page to determine which legs are best for each runner. A 6-runner ultra team has two choices for running order: 1) Runner 1 runs legs 1,7,13,19,25,31 and Runner 2 runs legs 2,8,14,20,26,32. 2) Runner 1 runs legs 1,2,13,14,25,26 and Runner 2 runs legs 3,4,15,16,27,28.

Team Meetings

Veteran team captains will tell you how important it is to hold at least two team meetings before the start of the relay. This gives your team a chance to get to know each other a little bit (if you don’t already) and offers the opportunity to get organized and communicate everything your team needs to know to be prepared and have a good experience. Use this as an opportunity to choose a co-captain to help share your responsibilities. Team meetings should include going over the roster, course, legs and logistics such as food, lodging and team vehicles.

Runner/Volunteer Substitutions

As mentioned previously you are free to change your online roster at any time until Wednesday May 24, 2017. If you need to make a change to your team after Wednesday  May 24, 2017 you will be required (no matter what the circumstances) to fill out a Runner/Volunteer Substitution Form (all forms can be found below) and bring it along with a $15 check made out to Epic Relays to the Relay Start Check In. A form and check will be required for each change after Wednesday May 24, 2017.

Find and Assign Volunteers

Epic Relays could not function without the help of dedicated volunteers. If you chose Volunteer Option 2 this doesn’t apply to you. If you chose Volunteer Option 1 you must provide 3 volunteers. Your volunteers should be physically capable to stand if necessary for the duration of their assignment, provide their own transportation to their assignment and do it with an Epic smile. Volunteer assignments will be available to choose from on a first come first served basis beginning at 8:00pm PT on Friday, May 12, 2017. You can choose for your volunteers to volunteer together at the assignment or separately. Volunteer shifts last from approximately 5-8 hours and consist of start and finish set up/take down, course set up, exchange check in, exchange traffic control etc. When the assignments are available to choose from they’ll be listed in detail with location, time, date, a map and an assignment description. Following your volunteer assignment selection you and your volunteers will receive an assignment PDF detailing the chosen assignment along with a checklist of things to bring. A member of the Epic Relays team will meet your volunteers at their assignment to check them in, explain any additional details and answer questions. Volunteers will receive a swag bag with a shirt, sticker, a bottle of water and snack prior to the start of their assignment.

Team Drivers (not required)

This is not required but if you have a willing friend/family member (or someone you want to get back at) with a valid driver’s license it might be nice to delegate the driving and navigating to them so you don’t have to worry about it. Regardless we do request that you alternate drivers during the night to avoid anyone falling asleep at the wheel, remember safety first.

Team Vehicles

Each team needs 2 team vehicles (ultra teams need 1). Team vehicles need to be large enough to seat six-seat belted passengers (7 if you have a driver) and hold all your stuff. No RV’s or motor homes will be permitted as team vehicles. If you misplaced your sense of smell (or in the case of one of our Epic founders lost it in a ceiling fan accident) this may not apply to you but team vehicles tend to get a little stinky (a lot stinky in some cases) so air fresheners are highly recommended.

Transportation Logistics

When planning how your team will get to the start and then how your team will get home from the finish here are some thoughts. In getting to the start you can pick up all your runners in the team vehicles on your way, you can get dropped off or you can meet at the start and leave vehicles there (Epic Relays is not liable for any damage to cars left at the start). Getting home from the finish can be tricky if some of your team is staying and some is going home. If your team vehicles are staying at the finish and you’re going home or vice versa you can have a loyal fan pick you up, catch a ride with another team heading your direction (use our Facebook page or team matching forum as a resource) or do the right thing and just stay and relax, you know you want to.

Relay Start Check In

The Relay Start Check In takes place at the start of the relay one hour before your wave starts. There are 4 steps to the check in process.

1.   Go to Booth 1 where
a.   We will collect your Waivers (all runners, volunteer, driver and pacers)
b.   We will collect your Team Roster Form (we will compare it to the online roster as it was on Wednesday May 24, 2017 at 10:59pm PT)
c.   We will collect any fees if necessary
d.   We will collect a cell phone number from each of your team vehicles
e.   You will show us your safety kits (Relayology Manuals, first aid kits, headlamps/Knuckle Lights, blinking LED’s, reflective vests, glass chalk or sign and extra batteries)
2.   Go to Booth 2 where you will receive your bibs, safety pins, exchange baton, Team Time Record Forms and any relay updates.
3.   Go to Booth 3 where you will collect all the swag bags for your entire team.
4.   Your team goes to the Start Line 10 minutes before your wave starts to receive safety instructions.
It is not mandatory for Vehicle 2 to be at the start (although they are welcome), however you still need to present all Waivers and pick up all swag bags at the start. If Vehicle 2 is not at the start they will have the opportunity to present us their safety kit and receive their safety instructions at Exchange 6.

Things to Communicate to Your Team

Relay Format
Teams divide into 2 groups of 6 runners. Runners 1-6 are assigned to Vehicle 1 and runners 7-12 to Vehicle 2 (for ultra teams all 6 runners are in the same vehicle). At the start of the relay Vehicle 1 is the active vehicle and Vehicle 2 is the inactive vehicle. Runner 1 begins and hands off to Runner 2 who in turn hands off to Runner 3 and so on until all 6 runners from Vehicle 1 have run. Runner 6 hands off to Runner 7 and Vehicle 2 becomes the active vehicle and Vehicle 1 becomes the inactive vehicle. Runners 7-12 then run through their rotation and Runner 12 hands off to Runner 1 and Vehicle 1 becomes the active vehicle again. This repeats 3 times until all 12 runners have run 3 times. For example Runner 1 will run legs 1, 13 and 25.

Each time there is a runner hand-off it is called an exchange. There are a total of 35 exchanges along the relay course. Each time Runner 6 hands off to Runner 7 or Runner 12 hands off to Runner 1 it is called a vehicle exchange. There are 5 vehicle exchanges along the relay course. While the active vehicle is running the inactive vehicle has a few hours to throw a Frisbee, grab a bite to eat or take a nap.

Although there are portable restrooms, trash cans and recycling boxes along the course teams are required to be self-sustaining. Be sure to bring enough fluids and food for your team to stay hydrated and energized for the entire race. There will be places along the course to stop for food and to sleep.

Teams will be on the course anywhere from 22 to 36 hours. To keep all finish times as close together as possible teams will start. The slower your team’s average pace, the earlier your team will start.

Check In Time
Please be at the start to check in one hour before your start time. Vehicle 2 is not required to be at the start, although they are welcome.

Toilet Locations
Portable toilets will be located at every exchange.

Know Your Maps
We mark the course as well as possible but remember these roads aren’t closed or blocked off and runners in the past have been known to run right past a turn sign thus causing them to run miles in the wrong direction. Many runners have admitted to never looking at their maps prior to running, don’t let this happen. Study your map, know how many turns you’ll make and at what distance you’ll be making them. If you’re concerned about missing a turn have your team wait at each turn to direct you. In addition, seasoned relay runners typically run with a copy of their leg map folded up just in case. We also recommend running with a cell phone or walkie talkie if possible so that you can communicate with your team vehicle. Bottom line- take ownership of knowing your legs and be prepared.

As mentioned above you will be responsible to providing food on the course although we will be handing out energy bars. Relay food suggestions include peanut butter and jelly (or honey), trail mix, energy bars and gels, fruit, baked potatoes, rice crispy treats, beef jerky, canned tuna and crackers and cold pizza.

Hydrating begins weeks before the relay even starts. It’s vital to be well hydrated going into the relay as well as during it. To help you know how much fluid you’ll need to stay hydrated (because it’s different for everyone) here’s a tip, Runners World.

Relay Checklist
·         Register your team
·         Register your runners
·         Register your volunteers (if applicable)
·         Have at LEAST one team meeting
·         Choose a team Co-Captain (to help with organization)
·         2 Vehicles (1 in the case of the Ultra Teams)
·         Liquids
·         Food
·         2 First Aid Kits
·         Glass chalk to write “CAUTION RUNNER ON ROAD” on vehicles
·         At least 2 reflective vests (4 recommended)
·         At least 2 headlamps or Knuckle Lights
·         At least 2 red blinking LED lights
·         At least 2 Relayology Manuals
·         Extra batteries
·         Change of clothes
·         Towel
·         Sleeping bag
·         Pillow
·         Sleeping pad
·         Sunscreen
·         Relay Participant Waiver – signed by all runners, drivers, pacers and volunteers
·         Team Roster Form (aka Runner Order Form)

Runner Swag
All participants will receive a swag bag with a relay shirt, Epic Relays sticker and swag from sponsors as well as a relay medal at the finish.

Epic Glossary

Epic- extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope

Excitarrhea- when you’re so excited/nervous to run it makes you go to the bathroom

Runderful- a wonderful run

Runspiration- an inspiring running story/person

Rundezvous- meeting up with friends at a common place to go on a run

Runmber party- a 24-hour Epic Relay

Runegade- this is what you’d call Butch Cassidy if he were a runner

Runderwear- your favorite underwear to run in

Epic Relays can't function without the help of fantastic volunteers
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Start/Finish Line Assignments

Exchanges 1-12

Exchanges 13-24

Exchanges 25-35

Volunteer Registration Process:

Volunteer Assignment open on Friday, May 12, 2017!  Here is all the information you need to make the sign up process fast and easy!

1. Captains need to make sure their volunteers are registered on their account.

2. Volunteers can get the log in information from their Captain and sign themselves up or, if they are unable, Captains can do it for them.

3. On May 12th at 8pm, log into the account. The icon that says “Assign Volunteers” (this is next to the icon that says “Add Volunteer” will become clickable. Click on this link.

3. A list of all the available assignments, including their shift times and locations will appear, with a drop down menu next to each one. The drop down menu will contain the names of the three volunteers.

5. Simply click the drop down menu next to the assignment you want, and choose which volunteer you want to assign there. Changes will save automatically in the system.

6. Volunteers will be contacted by Epic staff a few days after registration with more information about their assignment, and a Volunteer Manual.

Volunteer Options For Teams:

Option one:
Your team provides 3 volunteers for shifts of 5-8 hours.

Option two:
Your team pays a $270 volunteer fee and volunteers will be provided for you.

*If you switch from option 1 to 2 after the deadline (May 24, 2017) the fee will be $375*

Information for Volunteers:

1. General Information

Volunteer shifts typically last for 4-8 hours. Due to the nature of the event, some of these shift will be at odd hours, including some overnight shifts. Make sure you are aware of your shift time and location, as you will be expected to arrive on time.

2. What Do I Wear/Bring?

-A chair! Trust us, you will be much more comfortable!

-Snacks, water, etc. You are likely going to get hungry during your shift and you might not be near any grocery stores!

-Sunscreen, a hat/umbrella or shade tent for day time shifts. Extra layers, extra lights for nighttime shifts

3. How Do I Chose My Shift?

Ask your Team Captain! They will be receiving correspondence outlining the signup process, as well as the date that it takes place. When selections are posted, teams will be able to sign into their accounts and register their volunteers.

4. What If I Have More Questions?

Each volunteer will be sent a detailed Volunteer Handbook after signing up. This should answer most-if not all-of your questions!

5.  How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age by the day of the relay.  Anyone under 18 years of age will be paired with an adult.

Incentives for Volunteers

  • Relay Shirt
  • Epic Relays Sticker

“The thought of waiting a year until the next Epic Oregon is almost unbearable!” -Team Oregoons
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Vehicle Rental:

Epic Relays has teamed up with Avis to give our participants great deals on car rentals!

Click on the link below to find and reserve your car now!



The DoubleTree by Hilton Portland-Tigard will be our host hotel for the Start. They are only 4 miles away fom the Start location at 9575 S.W. Locust Street, Tigard, Oregon 97223

They are offering a discounted price of $169/night for a room with one king bed and a twin size pull-out sleeper sofa (sleeps 3 comfortably).

To make a reservation, call 503-629-9000 and make sure to mention Epic Relays so you receive the discount. Availability is limited, so make your reservations only!


The Best Western- New Oregon is the preferred Finish line accommodation for the 2015 relay! They are located close to Alton Baker Park at 1655 Franklin Boulevard
Eugene, Oregon 97403.

Current rates are at $125/night plus tax. Make sure to mention AAA or similar group to get a 10% discount on the rate.

To make a reservation call 541-683-3669 or visit them online here.

We are thrilled to host the finish for this Epic relay here in Track Town, USA, where you can run in the footsteps of legends like Steve Prefontaine. What a better way to enjoy our incredible natural landscape than by foot! From the Oregon Coast to the southern Willamette Valley to the tops of the Cascade Mountains, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to stay awhile and explore some of the many adventures that Eugene, Cascades & Coast has to offer. We’ll see you at the finish!

Real Adventures. Real Close

Take a victory lap around Pre’s trail or on one of our many paved paths along Willamette River. Make a weekend of it! Head out to Florence and go sand boarding, play on the dunes, or just enjoy the beauty of the Oregon Coast.

Take your teammates on a shopping adventure. From nationally branded stores at Valley River Center, Oakway Center, and Gateway Mall, to local artisans at the 5th Street Public Market, we have what you’re looking for. Experience the culture of Track Town, USA. Head over to the Historic Hayward Field, the site of frequent world-class track and field events or pay tribute to the legend himself at Pre’s Rock.

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