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  • Imagine yourself and 11 friends running through the picturesque Willamette River Valley past acres of vineyards, tulip fields and apple orchards. June 19-20, 2015. 187 miles.

    EPICOREGONRELAY: Portland to Eugene

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  • Canon City to Crested Butte.

    Imagine yourself and 11 friends running through the Rocky Mountains past five 14ers, over three alpine passes and through four national forests. July 17-18, 2015. 190 Miles.


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  • Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY

    Imagine yourself and 11 friends running through 4 national forests, through beautiful Star Valley and beside the windy Snake River.
    August 7-8, 2015. 205 Miles.


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  • “Running really isn’t about running. It’s about tackling seemingly impossible tasks head on. It’s about finding strength inside when our bodies tell us we’re done…To get all of that out of a [relay] race is truly EPIC.”


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Oregon more +

Portland to Eugene, OR

Imagine yourself and 11 friends running from the beautiful City of Roses through the rolling hills of the picturesque Willamette River Valley. Orchards and vineyards line the rural roads as you relay your way to Track Town USA. The last leg finishes near “Pre’s Trail,” less than a mile from Historic Hayward Field. Sound EPIC? Trust us, it is.
JUNE 19-20, 2015, 187 Miles


Rocky Mtn more +

Canon City to Crested Butte, CO

Imagine yourself and 11 friends running through the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. You will see five 14ers, climb three alpine passes and journey through four national forests as you run to Colorado’s wildflower capital and last great ski town: Crested Butte. Sound EPIC? Trust us, it is.
JULY 17-18, 2015, 190 Miles


Cache-Teton more +

Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY

Imagine yourself and 11 friends running through 4 national forests (Cache Wasatch, Caribou, Targhee and Teton) and along the historic Oregon Trail. As you pass through beautiful Star Valley, take a dip in the mighty Snake River. Your journey finishes at the foot of the Tetons, arguably the most gorgeous mountain range in North America. Sound EPIC? Trust us, it is.
AUGUST 7-8, 2015, 205 Miles


Be a Captain,
Call the Shots

Team captains have the opportunity to assemble their team of running all stars or weekend warriors and inspire them to Epic glory.

Team captains serve as a liaison between Epic Relays and their team and are in control of registering and managing the team and keeping the team aware of important information regarding this Epic adventure.


Organize Your Team

To organize your team we suggest you start by finding as many friends, family or coworkers as you can that would want to join you in this endorphin-rich adventure. Sometimes that will be enough to field your whole team. If not, have your friends talk to a few of their friends and before you know it you’ll have your team.


It's a 24 Hour
Running Party!

After the planning, organizing and training your reward is a 24 hour running adventure where you and your 11 teammates will run approximately 200 miles of the most Epic terrain in America on a course divided into 36 legs using two vans, one baton and a whole lot of water. Costumes and van decorations recommended.



      [1ep·ic] – extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope

      Growing up in Lake Oswego, OR running a 24 hour relay was like breathing- everybody did it. We participated in our first relay at age 14 and caught the fire. The running, the teams, the costumes, the deliriousness, the achievement- you name it we were hooked. Attending high school and college together we dreamed of doing something meaningful that could align our passions- promoting and fostering good health and overall wellness, exposure to the outdoors and people building. All of this came full circle when we decided to take the fire we caught at age 14 and bring the Epic Relay Series to the world.

      When coming up with a name for our relay series we wanted one word that captured “nothing better”. It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest and two inevitable things come of the rain: 1) everything is green and beautiful and 2) when it’s not raining it’s like Christmas. On those clear days when the sun is shining it’s arguably the most gorgeous place on earth. Growing up we labeled these blessed days “Epic” because there was nothing better so we went back to our roots and hence the name was born.



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